Transportation/ Surveillance

The large number of devices used by industrial applications such as transportation, utility, and manufacturing automation can lead to a messy tangle of electrical cables. PoE is now being used to reduce the number of cables required, and as industrial devices become more power-demanding, the capability to provide higher power via PoE technology has also become essentially.

In anticipation of the growing demand for PoE technologies for industrial and high-power use, CADMUS has developed a full range of industrial PoE and PoE plus modules. CADMUS' comprehensive industrial PoE solutions are being used in a variety of applications, including traffic, surveillance, and industrial automation, all over the globe market.

High Power PoE+ Standard
CADMUS has developed a series of industrial PoE plus products that output twice as much power as conventional PoE devices. CADMUS’ industrial PoE plus solutions are ideal for high power devices in hard-to-wire industrial applications, such as surveillance or transportation applications.

12~48 VDC Power Input
CADMUS' industrial PoE products provide a wide from 12 to 48 VDC power range to fit all the common power standards found in industrial automation, without external power converters or power supplies. The wide power input lowers installation and maintenance costs.

Smart PoE Functionality
CADMUS integrated several intelligent PoE functions in its industrial PoE products to allow for automatic or manual remote PoE management, automatic scheduled activation of PDs, and PoE power management.

Industrial-grade Design
Designed for industrial applications, CADMUS’ industrial PoE products are able to cope with demanding environmental conditions from -10°C up to 55°C.